Subtasks not showing on my Task List

When enter a subtask using the subtask link, I can enter a subtask in the detail page to the right of the task listing; however, when I close the link and am just looking at the overall task list, how can i know there are subtasks? Isn’t there any way to show the subtask indendented on the main task list?

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The only way I am aware to distinguish is to add them to the project they are in either by Tab P or the new Move Task-Add To Project. Unfortunately when you do this they do not stay in the section of the Parent task

The only way you will see your subtask in the My Tasks view is by assigning the subtask to yourself. Creating a subtask under a parent that is assigned to you does not assign the sub to you by default. Do a Tab-M on the sub and you’ll see it nested with the parent in your My Tasks view.


Didn’t work. Next post will contain an attachment which shows the sub-task to a task - which does not show in My Tasks. I am using Chrome on a PC. I created the sub task from the icon in the right panel of the task. I assigned it to myself as instructed. Ctrl-M didn’t do anything.

Any suggestions?

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unable to attach a screen shot to show what is going on. This is beyond frustrating!

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Sorry I meant M to use as a shortcut to assign the sub to yourself. I’m not sure what the problem could be, if you’ve done this and still don’t see the sub in your My Tasks view. A picture might help if you able add one using the attachment tool in this posting box.

I am also having this issue, I was wondering if there was a solution found?

In the attached screenshot you can see that the sub tasks appear in recently assigned, with a due date today, however they don’t appear in Today.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hey Asana team

I get asked this question all the time by my team. What is the reason that you don’t allow subtasks to show in the list view of My Tasks, as they are in Projects?

I’m assuming that it’s a deliberate decision, rather than a feature that is on the roadmap?