Project not visible in My Tasks for subtasks


When I have a subtasks assigned from a project and I go to “My Tasks” I see the task with due date. However, the project field is empty.

When I go into the subtask I see that the project mentioned.

Question: Why is the project in “My tasks” not visible?

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Hi @Niels_Oomen , this happens because a subtask is not technically part of the project that its’ parent task belongs to.

To solve this, you can add the subtask to the project by pressing tab+P when you are in the subtask’s details. Or you could click into the ‘Projects’ of your My tasks and add the subtask to your project.

This will make the subtask show up in the project as a parent task also, which may be awkward which is understandable but I’m afraid that’s just how it works. You could create a section in your project and move all subtasks there so they are not mixed up with the ‘real’ parent tasks of your project.

Hi @Richard_Sather,

Thanks for the feedback. I think that a subtask is part of the project and should be visible in such way. How the Asana Dev team is doing it technically is something different.

For us subtasks are just tasks which all together belong to a bigger task or deliverable. But in any case Parrent tasks or sub task are just tasks belonging to a project.

I was already thinking in the direction to get rid of the subtasks and this confirms my feeling once again.

Hi @Niels_Oomen , I agree with you and hopefully this is something that Asana will address sometime in the near future.

You can search the forum for helpful posts on using subtasks. Here is a recent one that comes to mind, by @lpb:

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