Subtasks don't show their project on the main task list

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Tasks in a project show up in “my tasks” with a nice colorful bubble for each project so I can quickly see what the task refers to. But if those tasks have a subtask, they show up in my tasks without a project bubble.

Steps to reproduce:
Make a task, assign it to yourself, and put it in a project. Shows up fine. Put a subtask in that task and the project doesn’t show up.

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Hi @David_Lynn and welcome to the forum!

This is actually not a bug - by default, subtasks do not get attached to the project of their parent task, so unless you explicitly assign a subtask to a project, it’s not in any projects.

It’s a popular request here in the forum to have that behavior changed; you can read more on this subject and add your vote here:


Thank you @Phil_Seeman, I had seen that thread but since that request started in 2017 with no solution it seems like one could argue this still sits in the bug category. This is not a request for a new feature but rather for the assigned project to a task to not disappear for a subtask.

To be nitpickily precise, it’s actually not and hasn’t ever been a bug. A bug is a piece of software that behaves differently than it was intended, designed and coded to behave. In this case the behavior you’re seeing - that subtasks don’t get attached to any project by default - is exactly how the Asana folks intended subtasks to behave. Now, you could justifiably argue that it’s a design flaw; just not a bug.


Fair enough @Phil_Seeman! Curious though: if that’s how subtasks were intended to behave, are we using them wrong? Is there a far more efficient way to use subtasks - or maybe we shouldn’t be using them like this at all?

Thinking maybe we aren’t understanding the concept of the subtask correctly…

A subtask breaks down a task, wherever the task is, whatever it is part of. So this is basically a personal breakdown of something, others don’t care about how you divide your work as long as the main task is marked complete when it makes sense. That is my vision of it.

I know people would sometimes want to assign subtasks to people, collaborate in them, have custom fields on them… But historically Asana was not really built like this in my opinion. It is starting to change though.

For large projects you need subtasks, hence it would be beneficial to see in the task list subtask related tot the project. Can this be officially be requested, or has this been done already?

well that feature has been released a while back…