Allow to automatically add subtasks to project


I’d like subtasks to automatically be attached to the project so I don’t have add them manually if I want to see them in the calendar view. Please and thank you.

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Hi @Erin_Hommeland — Thanks for the feedback.

As an immediate solution, I’d recommend that you create an Advanced Search view that focuses upon both tasks & subtasks. You can then view this in a calendar view to see all levels of tasks in one spot. :slight_smile:

You can then favorite the search view (via the star) to pin it to your left pane and have it update automatically.

Here’s more info on Advanced Search —

Subtasks and the "My Tasks" section: Show me the project!

I hope this is on Asana radar to have subtasks automatically pick up Project of Parent as it is very problematic in reporting and also in connecting subtasks to Projects in the CSV File Output.


Yes, please! I can’t automate any reports because subtasks will always be shown as ‘no project’. so +1 for this.

Also, I feel like there are multiple feature requests asking for this or at least something very similar. @Alexis, how can we put them together?

e.g.: Show project on subtask in 'My tasks' view, My Tasks: Categorize subtasks under their project, not "No Project", etc.


Is this on Asana’s radar for at least an option for subtasks to automatically add to a project? As of now, I can’t even add them to a template and have them carry over to a new project automatically. I am going to have to move to another platform if this isn’t a planned change.


I agree that this is a greatly needed feature. I can’t think of any circumstance in which you wouldn’t want a subtask to be assigned to the same project (and section) as the main task.


Please add this feature ASAP. It’s as simple to implement as useful!


I agree.
We use “taskboard” for an each our client (it is asana-board-project), where every main task is, in fact, a business-project. Every subtask of main-task in this board - is step of business-project. We want to create an separate asana-project for an each main-task and fulfill this project with subtasks of the main-task (for security, management and slack reasons). So, it will be nice if when we assign “ABC” project to main-task, then all subtasks automatically adds “ABC” project.


One complication with this idea is that the parent task can be assigned to more than one project. So what would the behavior of an auto-assignment be? I can think of two alternatives offhand:

  • Subtasks are automatically assigned to any and all projects that their parent is assigned to.

  • Automatic assignment of a subtask to its parent’s project only occurs if the parent is assigned to one and only one project.



This seems like such an obvious feature. It’s such a pain to manually add a project to each subtask. Please implement!


Shown in the image below. It would be better if these are grouped by their project!


The attachment cannot be displayed (at least from my side :frowning: )


Thanks for creating this thread @Ian_Engelbrecht I am unable to open up the image attachment as well. Do you mind reuploading it?



A subtask is not part of any project, it is only a child of a task, so that is not a bug, that is intended :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. Is this a decision that could possibly be reviewed? A task is a child of project, and therefore it’s subtasks also fall under that project, as would their subtasks (and all the way down). When I call up a list of tasks/subtasks that are tagged with a particular tag, it would be nice to see them grouped under their projects for the additional context.

So yes, not a bug, but perhaps a feature request?


I think this request exists, I’ll let @Edda @Cathya move your post!


Thank you kindly


Hi folks :wave:t3:Merging this thread with; let me know if there is anything else I can help with!


If I’m looking at My Tasks in Asana, and I sort by Project:

All of my subtasks from every Project show with, No Project.

I would ideally like them to have both the Project label of the associated task, AND the name of the task as two labels.

Having no label at all though makes the view unusable.

Is this something that will be added?