Allow to automatically add subtasks to project


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Good morning!

I was noticing that on the My Tasks list, subtasks get listed under “No Project” even when they are inside a project.

  1. Create a task inside a project.
  2. Create a subtask to that task.
  3. Go to My Tasks and you’ll see the subtask at the bottom under No Project (with the project they’re in listed in small gray text).
  4. This is true even when sorting by project, which makes it challenging to view everything together.

Not sure if this is a bug, but it would be great if they appeared under their proper project. Bonus points if they could be indented under their parent task!



I recommend that Subtasks be associated with the Project of the Parent task. If I view My Tasks by Project, all of my Subtasks are listed as associated with No Project. This makes it difficult for me to manage all of the tasks for a particular project assigned to me.


@Amanda_Thode This has been a long time request as mentioned other times throughout the forum. Hopefully there is a resolution someday as it also effects the CSV export functionality.


@Amanda_Thode One thing to note is that if you’re using Advanced Search, subtasks will display with their parent task’s project (see this forum thread for more info). Unfortunately this is not currently the case when using the My Tasks view but you can see that Asana is making changes in terms of subtasks…