Subtasks - Ability to assign Project for Tracking/Reporting

How can I attach a “Project” name to Subtasks? Specifically for reporting/tracking purposes. Currently, if you are reviewing a team members assigned tasks, Tasks can be filtered by Projects but Subtasks are listed below as No project.

The only way I’ve seen to add a Project name (I added the Project by clicking on the three dots and clicked “Add to Project”), automatically makes the Subtask a Task with no section assigned.

Hi Kelsey,

This is the behavior of subtasks in Asana - if you add them to a project, they show as a task in the project in addition to still showing as the subtask. It’s widely viewed as an unfortunate behavior but it’s what we have for now. The standard workaround is to make a section called something like “Subtasks - Ignore”, move it to be the bottom section, and keep it collapsed. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

You might want to also vote here:

NOTE: Not a solution, but marked as one to elevate a key reply as the smoothest option available.

Hi @Kelsey_Parsons - I definitely agree that it would be best to have the project show for the subtask.


If it’s helpful, my team built a free add-on that fixes this – (free Asana add-on)
There are two features to solve this:

  1. “Show Parent Projects” - this feature forces Asana to show the parent project without adjusting where the subtasks live IMPORTANT: This feature only SHOWS the project, but does not link it to the project for reporting purposes. The 2nd option, below, DOES link it for reporting purposes.

  2. For faster loading time, we have another feature called, “Super-Subtasks-Add-To-Project” – this automatically creates a subtask section for you at the bottom of the project and adds all your subtasks there. This is the best way to ensure the subtask is linked to the project for reporting purposes.

You can go to and grab the “Free Forever” license and choose those as your free features to keep and use forever.

There are a lot of other features that you may find helpful too. On the free version, you can choose any 3 pro features to use forever free. I hope it helps!

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