Projects not Showing in My Tasks and Reports

Take a look at the screenshots.
How come at times the projects are not showing up in the My Tasks list and the Report of tasks completed.


The lines without a project display subtasks. Next to the subtask, you have the parent task. Subtasks don’t belong to the project, by design. You could consider not using subtasks (at all, or less).

Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can also find the steps to add subtasks to the project in this guide article: Help with Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps, @Jack_Zenert!

From what I’m seeing it seems like subtasks are useful, don’t break anything, and never disappear for a task to fall through the cracks. Good job Asana. Keep up the good work.

Okay, that design is sound, otherwise it would pollute the project, but in the ‘My Tasks’ board it is MANDATORY that one is able to see which project a substask’s parent task is tied to without affecting that project - how does one make a column that queries and auto-assigns that information to the substask?

This really doesn’t make sense. Clearly, the parent task is built in a project, and the subtask is also built within that project.
May I suggest adding the ability to auto-assign subtasks to the parent task? We’re heavy subtask users, but it doesn’t make sense to continue using them if you can’t see which project it’s associated with.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Michael_Fulton. I recommend you upvoting for these requests here: