Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks



Please please please make subtasks visible in task lists!!

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We’ve noted your feedback, thank you! In the meantime I suggest that you add subtasks to a project if you’d like to view them in the main project list. Just use shortcut Tab+P to add a subtask to a project. :slight_smile:


Hi @mary-lou,

I am a Success Manager here at Asana. Thank you for your feedback!

While it is true that subtasks are not currently visible in the the default task list (and you can definitely use the above Tab+P to add the subtask to the main task list as a workaround!), it is technically possible to use an Advanced Search to display subtasks and well as tasks in a List View.

To do this:

  • Navigate to Advanced Search
  • Type in the Project you’d like to view in “in Projects”
  • Under "Add Filter > “More” click “Subtasks” to make sure that Subtasks are included in your search
  • You can set other filters in the Advanced Search and star, save and rename it so you can come back to it in the future or share the URL with others

All subtasks will now show up in a list view with the name of the parent task appended at the end (in a light font).

I hope this helps keep track of your team’s subtasks so that they don’t get forgotten! :slight_smile:


How do we most effectively +1 things like this? A simple heart/like?

Able to assign teams to sub-tasks

Thank you for asking, @lee! Yes, I suggestion you heart/like. Now that we’re seeing so much product feedback in the Community (which is great!) we’re working on formalizing a system like this. More info on that front soon.



I’ve tried the Advanced Search and it’s nice, but I believe it’s still not visual friendly…
It would be great if we can see Subtasks below the main task in the project’s task list not as a list inside the main task.

It would be also nice if the Substasks could be allocated not only below the main task (in the project’s tasks list), but also slightly to the right (like if we have used the tab command in Word).
I think this would make it more visual friendly :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @Luiza_Gertz - this is a request we often see and I’ll be sure to note it!


I agree with this post. It’s confusing to see all of the tasks on the same left margin of the task list and not in the same order as they were set up as subtasks on the right screen. In Todoist, we can nest subtasks within the tasks and click on an icon to the left of the main task to roll-up the subtasks. Include a note/icon (some kind of notifier there are subtasks), when the the subtasks are “hidden” in the main task list.


Until Asana add subtasks in lists, I suggest using Bridge24 for Asana, a free tool that offers a power grid. You can easily add the Subtasks column in the grid. See the screenshot below.


I did a little mock of something like this for some back in March


This feature, with expand/collapse dropdown would be extremely helpful. I also think it be very helpful if the main task check mark “filled” as the the subtasks were completed. If 1/3 subtasks were marked completed, the check mark circle would be 33% filled in the background.


As others have mentioned, both visualising progress and making the subtasks indented would be super useful and what we’d need to move over to Asana with our team.

Todoist has good indented subtasks, while wunderlist has a nice progress bar for main task, would be great to see Asana with at least one of these two features (the first is critical, visualising progress is more nice to have).


Yes please make this available! Also it makes no sense to have an earlier deadline for an overall project compared to it’s subtasks. Please keep that in mind!


Yes please! Really hard to differentiate between simple tasks and tasks that are more of a mini project. Being able to see at a glance that a task includes subitems is much needed. Love the idea of the progress bar, too.

And please don’t forget about the mobile experience. Feel like the mobile UX is never prioritized with Asana.


I really would need subtasks to be visible with a toggle inside the task list.


+1 for this feature!


+10 for this!! User do not currently remember to click the TASK to see if there ARE any subtasks…


Agree entirely with the request, especially the 1/3 or 33% visibility portion. Trello does this perfectly, and it is quite helpful.


Is this feature likely to be implemented? If so when? It’s a must-have really, all the work around suggestions are kludges that don’t quite do what we want.


Just adding my support for a nested, indented, collapsible list of subtasks similar to @Mike_Hoefer’s mockup .