Indicator for Sub-Tasks

When looking at a list of Tasks in a project it would be helpful if there were an indicator that shows sub-tasks exist for that task. There is currently no way to see if there are sub-tasks without clicking on a task.


I like this idea @Ryan. I would find it helpful. Any clue what kind of indicator you would want, or where it would appear? The only thought I have so far is that the existing button for creating subtasks is a great visual (it very obviously looks like thing it means), thus a similar version of that design might be a good start.


Here is a screenshot of what I would like to see if sub-tasks exist.


How about a small arrow at the left of the beginning of the task name. The arrow would point to the right. If you click the arrow, it would point down, and the subtasks would be listed as an indented list below the task. If you click the arrow again, it would point to the right again, and the indented list would disappear. In other words, it could work similar to revealing the contents of a folder in an hierarchical folder structure.


Yes, that would definitely work. I just figured it would be hard or take
longer. The arrow should only be there if subtasks exist.


Ryan Buffa


While we are on this topic what about an indicator that shows there are
files associated with a task? Think about email. In you list of emails
there is usually a little paperclip if there is an attachment. It would be
nice to see this in a task list at a glance.

Ryan Buffa


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

+1 for this idea. The current workaround I use is to manually add a colored label to any top level tasks that have subtasks, but this is not ideal, as you have to remember to add the label, and then need to remove it once all the subtasks are completed.


Additionally, it would be great to have the option to see subtasks in the calendar.

I understand I can assign a subtsk to a project, however this adds a lot of clutter to the overall project. I am using Asana as a video editorial calendar (similar to Asana’s example of how Autodesk uses it). If I add subtasks to the overall project, many similar tasks are created (for example, write script, pick stock photos, shoot interview …) that don’t have the piece of content connected to them (currently the parent task). Sections are used for overall progress of the video through the pipeline (Idea, Pre-Production, Produciton, Post-Production, Publish/Upload).



May I suggest you use Bridge24 for Asana:

This tool provides a grid view where you can display the subtasks column, and see all subtasks for each task you see in the grid.

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I had the same suggestion, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

Pardon the Wrike screenshot…


It would be nice if each task reflected how many tasks total are in a sub task and how many of those are completed, all visually. Can easily be done…


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All behind this as well, I seem to always be completing tasks with subs on the my tasks page, and then wondering where critical tasks and data have gone from my workflow. It has pushed me away from using subtasks completely.


I would be really good to also have an indicator if “description” field is not blank! (Alternatively, the first part of the description could be displayed in small and/or gray letters.)

Thanks for considering!


I just noticed that if a task is more than just a title, there is a little arrow at the end of the line! So that’s a good way to notice descriptions or subtasks…

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You’re right! Thanks!

I just wish it was a little more bold and easy to notice!

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I also use descriptions to include critical information about a sub-task, but is not necessarily a task to be completed. There is currently no indication that a description is included for a task unless the view is expanded by clicking on that task.


We need the new indicator in Android app too, please…


If you have voted for this task consider also voting for Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks.