Attachment indicator in tasks

There should be an icon in Tasks - in List and Kanban (and everywhere else it makes sense) - that indicates there is a file attached to the Task


Definitely agree. Related thread:


Came here looking for this. Great shout and pretty much a necessity for me

I know this is a really old thread, but I was just about to post the same request myself. I don’t attach files that often, but I happened to do one just now and there’s no visible icon in My Tasks. It would be great to see that little paperclip to remind me that the document that’s associated with that task is attached and ready to use.

Any more votes for this one?

Could an attachment indicator be added for tasks in list and board views? This would function much like the subtask indicator does currently. It would be great to know which tasks have file attachments ‘at a glance’ without needing to open them individually.