Improve visibility or highlight of notes, comments, or further sub-tasks in sub-tasks list



Is there something we can do to better highlight when a sub-task has notes, comments, or further sub-tasks? The small light grey bubble really doesn’t stick out to me, particularly when quickly browsing and you already have a task highlighted (which happens by default once you load a task it seems).

Also, I’ve seen requests for listing ‘sub-task’ count on Tasks list, which would be awesome to see, but also nice to see if there are sub-tasks of sub-tasks :slight_smile:

Indicator for Sub-Tasks
Attachment presence icon

I completely agree. The current UI is either easy to miss, amibguous, or outright confusing.

One thing we do sometimes is put “----->” after a task/subtask name to indicate that there’s something important one level below.


@Craig_Fifer and @SimonT, thank you both for your feedback! I’m really interested in when it’s helpful to know that there’s more information behind the Task without clicking in to it – when are you browsing the list and need to see more? What kind of workflows, and Tasks? I’d love to ensure I’m understanding the need as clearly as possible :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest! There are three main UI decisions I wish could be re-evaluated:

  1. The " > " symbol to the right of a task is very subtle, which makes it hard to notice which tasks have more within them.

  2. When a " > " symbol appears to the right of a task, it can mean there are subtasks, or there’s a description, or there’s conversation, or some combination of these things.

  3. When the “caption bubble” appears on the right side of a subtask line, it can mean there are more subtasks, or that there’s a description, or that there’s conversation, or just that your cursor is on it, or any combination of these things. (The one for when your cursor is on it is technically a lighter shade, but that’s hard to notice. I’m not sure why the bubble even appears at all when you hover over a subtask, since it doesn’t when you hover over a task. Either way, it seems like the " > " symbol is sufficient to mean “go inside.”)

For both tasks and subtasks, I would like different symbols for different things. Caption bubbles should only mean conversations. Maybe an “i” symbol (meaning info) to represent a description. For subtasks within a task or subtask, some representation of the number of incomplete and complete, like “2/7” with some sort of shapes and colors.

Here are the two common use cases for my team where the above causes trouble:

  • There’s a list of subtasks and some have additional information within them, especially specific and important instructions about how to do that subtask differently than the usual way. This is very easy for someone to miss if they’re checking off subtasks from a template. That’s why we often take to putting “----->” in the name of the subtask, meaning “be sure to look inside!”

  • We have a meeting agenda with standing items, such as each person’s name for a check-in. Each person puts subtasks within the items if they want to discuss them at the meeting, and we check them off as they’re discussed. The first time we did this, the subtle " > " symbol meant there were subtasks. But since the completed subtasks still trigger the " > " symbol, there’s no way to tell whether there are fresh subtasks to review and we have to click on each task every time. A visual indicator of completed and incomplete subtasks would fix this.


This is exactly right. The lack of visual cues in Asana drives me nuts. I’ve taken to doing this as well so that others dont miss. Which defeats the purpose of using a tool.


This would be very useful. We are currently evaluating Asana for our team and this lack of indicators for attachments, comments, and subtasks is the most painful and confusing for every member. I hope the team behind Asana makes this a priority.


Here to add my thumbs up to this topic (I did vote it up!). We often have complex projects, like federal grants, that have lots of notes, subtasks, attachments and such. The current system makes it difficult for people to see these when they’re quickly looking at the layout. It’s also very hard to tell the difference between a light gray and dark gray comment bubble (which might change color not because of comments but as stated above, because of attachments, subtasks, or even simply a description).

If there were 1 or 2 icons next to the assignee and due date, and those were colored somehow to let people see very quickly that there are additional items within that task/sub/sub-sub to look at, then that would be wonderful.


I also very miss this feature. Therefore I put at the start of task name symbols:

  • tasks has subtasks “-”
  • tasks has attachments “*”
  • tasks has comments “#”
  • tasks has notes “+”


Yep this is something that has held me back from using Asana as I already know that my team will miss things as the interface is TO minimal.

Make comments bubble green or something when a new one is unread!

Make the > bigger/bolder so we actually notice it.


Is there a roadmap or anywhere we can upvote feature requests?


Yes, this is big draw back to Asana. In Wunderlist, which we’ve been using for a while, whwen someone comments on a task a little “bubble” shows up and when someone adds a subtask or attaches a file the is little “pin” icon that pops up. It can’t be that hard to add to Asana and it makes a huge difference in how quickly we can navigate through tasks to see what’s new or changed. PLEASE ASANA: GET THIS FEATURE SET UP!


I’ll add my vote to this one as well. Even the little speech bubble graphic could be at least more visible (indicating “there is more here, take a look”). Fill in the graphic or add color…that at least would get noticed more.

I have taken to using the --> trick as well just to make sure info isn’t missed.

Asana, please improve!