Subtask status/indicators in boards

  1. A task on a board should at least indicate that it has sub-tasks, maybe with a little subtask icon?

  2. Better yet, it should also show a completed count, e.g. 4/7

I think this idea has been referenced elsewhere, but in more complicated feature requests involving significant redesigns. I wanted to make sure it’s properly represented as a low-hanging fruit that could make board sub-tasks much more user-friendly.


@Collin_Donahue-Opons, thank you for the feedback! As a note, there is a grey arrow that appears on the far right of the Project pane when Tasks have subtasks or comments on them, indicating “There’s more information here!” It’s not subtask-specific, but it will serve as a visual indicator.

The functionality you’re describing is somewhat available via Instagantt, where you can see Task completion as a function of the completion of the subtasks attached to it (i.e., a Task will show as 20% complete when 1/5 subtasks are complete). It’s not in the UI, but it’s so congruent with the functionality you’re looking for, I wanted to make sure to point it out :slight_smile:

I think the “There’s more information here!” arrow icon leaves a lot to be desired. There is a world of difference between “has comments” and “has actionable tasks”.

I would love to see a subtasks icon in addition to, or in place of, the indicator for comments.



We also struggle with siloed sub tasks relating to difficulty seeing the list of subs as well as the time factor of navigating in and out of them.


I deeply agree. It would be great to see a progress bar reflect the activity of subtasks.

This would be especially useful on the Boards view.

Generally, I feel that the tasks in the Board view are lacking info. Is there a way to indicate tags? Tag colors? mark a task as important?


Definitely a very needed indicator! It is one of the few areas that Trello beats Asana and I almost picked Trello because of this feature. For us, we have runners that do work and clients that can view the board… the runners can’t see that a task has 15 subtasks which would increases it’s importance and our clients think we have accomplished one task in 3 days because they can’t see a subtask count. I can explain this to them or make workarounds, but it seems pretty intuitive to have this on the front of the card for boards.


I agree with the original poster. Especially when working in boards. There is no little arrow that I can see in boards view, so the only way of knowing there are subtasks is to click into the task (or to memorize where subtasks are, which seems to defeat the purpose).


Definitely agree with everyone, but want to focus on @Collin_Donahue-Opons and @Jeffrey_Samorano.

The original request is something we really need. Once I break a task into sub-tasks, I may want to tackle each sub-task as a unit of work. I schedule work on a Board by the week. So focus on the sub-task really helps. Or would, if we can get it.

Jeffery’s comment also has a lot of merit, both on Boards and Lists. A progress indicator would be a useful enhancement. One I would very much like.


I hope this feature and in List too.

The subtask indicator is good addition to have. Developers working with boards with sub tasks need to see that a task on a board has more dependent tasks. Hence they like Trello’s boards. I personally like Asana’s boards ability to have a task sync and appear in multiple boards for planning and development. Hence I am hesitant of using Trello’s boards.

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I use Asana on an Ipad. Currently there is no way of seeing that subtasks even exist on task. Not good.


My team recent tried out Trello Boards as they could view subtasks better on the board. Hope you guys are going to update your app soon for this feature.


Since we moving out from Trello & Freedcamp, I found that this features is very crucial.
I hope the team can implement this.


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I would love to echo this request. It would help immeasurably setting up long term goals that need to be broken up, yet get too messy from having each goal as a separate project. As it stands i just end up with a board that permanently looks like there is no activity, yet it’s bustling with stuff getting done under the layers UI. A simple subtask icon and 4/7 type indicator would be a huge win for a small amount of effort :slight_smile:


Totally, totallly agree! As with other posters, one of the areas where Trello actually out performs Asana.

Please add the ability to see sub tasks in Tasks!


I agree with this too. We’re just moving from Trello to Asana because of the Group Task calendar feature, it would be great to get the subtask count displayed at the top of the task so it’s visible when scanning the board.

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Agree with the above thread this is a must have feature for efficiency and a likley blocker to stop us coming across.

We use task lists as the acceptance criteria for a cards across the Kanban. Needing to navigate into a card to see if there are any added and/or if they have been completed will quickly become tiresome.

Let me know when this is done so we can come an play as well :


For my projects (using boards), I like to set up a task that has many steps. Inside the task, I’ll create subtasks. This works best for me because I can easily open up a single task and see the progression of it by looking at the completed and incomplete subtasks as well as the date they were completed.

It would help me a lot if I’m looking at the board and tasks, if each task would have some type of notifier that there are subtasks inside it that have not been completed yet. Maybe a grey dot to signify that there are no subtasks within that need to be completed? And a colored dot, showing that there is a subtask(s) inside that needs to be worked on? As it works now, I have to open up each task and look to make sure there is nothing that needs to be worked on.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I just started using the boards and really like it. I am used to working in separate projects and now want to use a board for many “jobs” that used to be individual projects. The problem is that we used to copy projects and by doing that it would copy all the tags for each task. Now in a board task, the list inside are considered “subtask”.
Problem #1 you have to click the small icon to get into the subtask properties etc to add a tag for that subtask.
Problem #2 for some reason you cannot copy the board task and keep the subtask tags.

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You can actually set that up as a custom field but of course that is an extra step