Ability to view assigned subtasks in Portfolio Workload

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, @Nicolas_Fischer and @Skyler! Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have explained this a couple of times in the Forum, but because of how subtasks were built in the first place, there is no easy way implement this change. Updating subtasks in Asana is technically a lot harder than what it looks like, and while we haven’t nailed it down yet, we’ve made some progress recently and these features were launched:

  1. You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!
  2. Custom fields needed on subtasks
  3. Subtask status/indicators in boards
  4. Tree view for task and subtasks
  5. Subtasks in Board View
  6. Clearly indicate if a task contain subtask

We are also working on implementing subtasks on Project Dashboards, stay tune for updates soon in our announcements category.

We continue to bring this up in most of our meetings with Product to make sure we keep this conversation open and continue to evaluate solutions for all features like Portfolio and Workload. We will post an update as soon as we have more one!