Portfolio workload sub-tasks & sub-sub Tasks

I was wondering if there is a way to see the sub-tasks and sub-sub tasks in a given project at a more granular level in portfolios. For example if a parent task has 5 sub tasks and they are assigned to 5 different people can they be shown in their workload on the portfolio. From what I am seeing on the the parent task shows up under the assignee and none of the sub tasks show up under their respective assignees workload. Can this be added as a feature if it is not already available?

@Chris_Anaya this is not currently something that is available. You can upvote this feature here: Ability to view assigned SUBTASKS in Portfolio>Workload

One potential workaround would be to multi-home all subtasks to a separate project so they are parent tasks and then map that project to your Workload. You can also technically multi-home the subtasks to the SAME project if you wanted as well - in this case I would put them under a separate Sectiion.

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Thank you Jerod. I am hopeful this is a function you guys add because I see it very beneficial for a lot of organizations as we need the granularity of being able to see workload.