Managing effort metrics in tasks with multiple subtasks

I’m curious about how Portfolio workload works when multiple subtasks have different assignees.

Will the workload be assigned to the task assignee entirely or will it get prorated in some kind of way to represent subtask asignements?

Actually, I see that subtasks can include custom fields as well. Now I’m curious if the workload allotted to the task itself may get duplicated if subtasks include their own effort measurements

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To clarify, are you asking if subtasks can be accounted for in the Workload without adding effort to these subtasks first?

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Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath !

Basically I’m interested on having realistic measurements of expected workload.
I’m using the Portfolio charts.

The issue that triggered this question is:

  1. My task has a field with a filled custom field (hours).
  2. The task groups several subtasks with the same custom field filled and assignees that can be different from the master task assignee.

So I’m wondering…

  1. Do these subtask efforts get counted somewhere?
  2. If the task has any given value in the effort field, how is this value used in the Portfolio’s workflow chart?

I feel that:

  1. Subtask’s effort is not taking into account in the Portfolio view
  2. The value is assigned 100% to the assignee and does not take into account if there are subtasks assigned to other teammembers.

Am I right?

Subtasks do not count into Workload, that is a known situation (and actually intended behavior at this point).

And yes workload is not spread between assignee and subtasks assignees either.

See F2 in 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman F2.3 will work for me!
Good tip!


Great. Note that this could be automated if needed, if you have access to a dev team. (I could also help)

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