Subtasks in Board View


At the moment I find that in Board View, we can only view subtask checklists once we click on the specific task. Is it possible to view the subtask checklists (& quick notes maybe) when I view the project board? Then we can easily check off and move tasks from column to column without having to click each individual task to do so. At a glance quick notes would help too! Perhaps make these an option to toggle on and off?

Also option on Board View to switch between clicking on tasks and having a pop-up versus a side pane like in List View?

Thank you.

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SubTask in board mode

Hi the only way you can make sub tasks appear in the board view is they are a task in the project… You add the by doing alt+P in the SubTasks the add the parent project name.

Hope that helps.



I love the boards concept, but it’s pretty inflexible. For instance: it would be helpful to have an option to view subtasks in the board as tasks. Even making subtasks tasks — like in a list view — would be helpful.


Hi @thehilker! In Boards, to make sure your subtasks appear on the Board (like all tasks do), simply associate your subtask with their parent task project. You can do so by opening the subtask and using the “Tab+P” shortcut to open the project fields.

Hope this helps!


Task cards in kanban boards —> would be great if I could see the sub-tasks in smaller font underneath the task title without opening up the task card


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Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile: