Subtask visibility in board mode


 I'm trying to use asana in board mode.

 For me it's to good this mode, because we are making something like SCRUM or KANBAN.

 We have different customers ( projects ) , and we have many different tasks for each project.

 We need to see all the tasks ( or subtasks ) for all the projects together in a board style screen. But we need keep all the history of task ( or subtasks ) from each project.

 Our intention is one task with all the history ( calls, modifications, bugs, visits, etc ), for each customer, and multiple subtask together for all the customers in a board screen (  multiple task/subtask for ALL the customers together ).

 The project is the management of task in our machines ( and history ), for all the customer. We want manage the task for all the customer together, but the history of each customer.

 Can you help me, do you have any suggestion??

thanks in advance.

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Hi @Raul_Lorca and welcome to the Community Forum! Unfortunately, as it stands it is not possible to see subtasks in the Board itself; subtasks are only available when you click on a card to open the tasks details. I would recommend voting on this thread Subtasks in Board View regarding the display of subtasks in Board project; although I can not promise when this will potentially be implemented.

If you’re looking to see all tasks from multiple projects into one Board, you can create a “Master” Board project and multihome all tasks from your project into this Master project. But once again, this won’t work for subtasks.

My apologies for not being of a greater help here. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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Hello @ raul_lorca . I think most of user want to ASANA board like really KANBAN . but unfortunately it is impossible until now . It should be a very interesting research direction 。I think ASANA will thinking about it .it will come true in future . I would recommend voting on this thread Subtasks in Board View 1 regarding the display of subtasks in Board project


I really wish this was an option, it would make this software comparable to Jira and what is truly missing for a Kanban Board.

I hope this feature gets added.