Filtering Subtask on Board

Hello! I am trying to get my subtasks to show on the board view without attaching them to a project. I’d like to see the patent task and then the subtask in smaller font to show that it is attached to that task. If that is not possible, is there a way for them to be shown on the calendar or timeline view as subtasks? Kind of silly if I have subtasks due this week but it won’t show on the board if I filter tasks by week. Thanks!

Hello @Rebecca_Scott1,

Subtasks aren‘t really considered as part of the project, hence why they don‘t show in board view unless you add the subtasks to the project directly as well.
Now here is a feedback request that might be interesting for you:

The same applies to calendar. But you could add the subtasks to a separate section in Asana that you move towards the end and keep collapsed. Then they would show in the calendar also.

A feedback request thread can be found here.

On the timeline view you are able to view subtasks:

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