Subtasks in Calendar view

Could there be a calendar for subtasks within a task? The calendar for each project is great but there are so many moving pieces for each task that it would be great to see when all of those moving pieces are happening at one quick glance.

Hi @Alyssa This might work for you, if you add the Subtask to the project they will show up on the over all Calendar and fall into a Task line (while still remaining a subtask). If you want subtasks only, you could create a Subtask Project and, again, add each subtask to this project to only view the Subtasks in a calendar view.

Either way, the key is to give the Subtask an Assignee, Date and Project for viewing. Hope this helps.

Hi there!

I would love if the subtasks were able to be viewed from the calendar view. It’s a hassle to go in and add due dates and add them to the project (that they are already in) just to see it show up on the calendar.


Couldn’t agree with you more. I think this is a must and would add some fantastic functionality.

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Would love to see that as a view option!

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Hi Asana

We would love to have sub-task to display on Calendar, we are using another project management tool with with my customer, their project management system Calendar view can display tasks, sub-task and sub-sub tasks on their Calendar. When in the Calendar view, we can select which task level we want to display.

For assistance, we can select to display only the main tasks (Level1), subtask (Level2), subsubtask (Level3) or select to display all levels as well.

We use Asana for different purposes, one of the examples: Asana is used as Booking Calendar for Meeting rooms and Food & Drinks
We have created one main Section and two main tasks




Every new orders we will create as a sub task and put it into either the meeting room or food & drinks task. By this way we can always keep track on all different orders (subtasks) for different category (tasks)

That is why it’s important for us to see all the sub-tasks to display on the calendar view as well

Currently we have to create an Asana task, then go to Google Calendar to create an event on Google Calendar which is so inconvenient.

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Hi @Kimi :wave:t5:

Thank you for taking time to explain why this feature would be so important for your workflow.
Other users have also requested this feature so I’m merging your post with the existing thread we have on this topic to consolidate feedback. Friendly reminder to cast your vote by clicking on the vote button next to the title :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you could try adding manually your subtasks to the project using the “Tab+P” ) shortcut and you should be able to see them in your Project Calendar.

Have a great Friday Kim!


If you have fresh ideas for workarounds regarding that feature request, you can share them in my thread: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds


Dear Natalia, this “workaround” does not work. And it won´t work regardless how many times it´s used as an answer for very simple demand - enable subtasks to display in calendar (as optional feauture if someone doesn´t need this).

Can you please let me and other users know what is the problem with this? Technical / philosophical explanation? Coding? Saving this for next decade to have something really streamlined to parade?

Reading through the many topics demanding for years already basically the same make us think about saying Asana goodbye…


Asana does not communicate about why a feature isn’t available or not. They do however reconsider everything on a regular basis!

I know this feature request is 3 years old now, but here’s another vote for adding it!

The functionality already exists within Asana (you can view subtasks on the Workspace Calendar with colour-coding an everything) so it shouldn’t be too much dev effort to allow it on Project Calendar as well.

Asana please add :slight_smile:

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Would also like the ability to enable subtasks in calendar. The workaround is GARBAGE.



Have been hoping for an optional enable subtasks to display in calendar feature to be created for YEARS. Right now, doing my twice-a-year search to check if it’s been created and make sure I haven’t missed it. Guess not :confused:

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It’s a big pitty that it is not possible to enable subtasks to display in calendar.
This function is really missing in our workflow and makes the calendar and timeline function nearly impossible to use… :frowning: