Sub-Tasks Not Showing in Calendar View

Sub-tasks are not showing up on my project’s calendar view. They do have due dates assigned to them as it’s stated they need to.

It’s really critical that our sub-tasks also show in calendar view, can anyone help?

They do show up in Calendar views so we may have a slight problem with how they are associated with your project. Make sure that the sub-task is associated with the project you are viewing [with the sub-task open hit TAB+B] and check that the project name is listed. Also, check permissions on the parent to make sure that it can be seen. Here is a helpful section of the guide that will walk you through all of these steps. Subtasks You are also correct that they do have to have Due Dates to show in the calendar view.

I see what you mean, but it’s a little frustrating to have to see all of the subtasks also in the list view, then what is the point of making them sub-tasks if they’re just going to show up in the midst of everything else anyway? Is there any way to see sub-tasks in calendar view but not on the list mixed in with the tasks they are under?

Currently you can’t view it in Calendar view and not in the List view. I know that is not what you want to hear based on your use-case.
If I can insert an opinion that may help? I’m not a big fan of more than a few sub-tasks per project. I teach my clients that if you have many sub-tasks then they need to see if the main project could be broken into smaller, more manageable “chunks.”

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Todd, thank you for your quick responses and help with this, it’s much appreciated!