Subtasks in Calendar view

Hi Kimi,
Looking for this solution on Asana also.
Can you share with the community what is your client project management system where this function of expandind subtasks is possibile?

Hi Emily,

Looks like this is a demand from many Asana users for a while already.
Is it really going to happen in the close future?
this feature is very important for a broader perspective on how eeryproject is going and how the teams are organized within all the tasks.

The team at Asana has been adding more options to Calendar (in My Tasks for example) as well as pushing for subtasks to be used more, I can only guess at one point they’ll add a toggle to enable/disable subtasks showing up in a calendar…

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This is highly needed! 3 years and no news!


I am currently testing Asana for a global project of the company I am working with. After a few hours, of real life testing, I ran into this problem. To be honest: if I can’t see the due date of sub-tasks in the calendar, this might be even a show stopper. Please fix it (also ready to be a beta-tester).



Can anyone explain to me, why it might be difficult to establish this feature…?

This has been discussed at length, what you see as a bug is actually a feature for others. Some people don’t want to see all the subtasks in the calendar, others do. Historically, subtasks never belonged to the project and my opinion is that they are not being used the way they were initially intended to be used. You say it is a bug, I say it is a controversial product choice. :slight_smile:

I found something saying subtasks will not show up on the project calendar unless you specifically add them to the project…but then they are no longer subtasks. I don’t see a reason why subtask deadlines can’t show up on the calendar, and that would SIGNIFICANTLY improve the usefulness of both tools to track timelines.

Hey @Benjamin_Hicks, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

If you add subtasks to the project they would still stay a subtask as well but I understand what you mean.

I recommend upvoting this thread: Subtasks in Calendar view

Is this a feature that’s coming soon to Asana?
Would really be helpful for our teams.

We don’t know sorry :slight_smile:

I agree, but this makes the lists in the project really messy. Eg we have a process flow, which we follow for each product, which are idetical and we have a product identification in the main task and then deadlines for each subtask representing the process flow. The question is if I add these subtasks to the project but in a different section in order to keep the viewing more simple, would they still remain as one task or would they become a duplicate?

How has this not been implemented yet?

Subtasks don’t belong to their parent task project. That’s the way is was built. Things are slowly changing.

I look at this years ago and as Sub Tasks would not show in a calendar, this made the issue of using Asana a problem… We want to be able to see all the tasks that need actioning by looking at my Calendar… surely this is obvious if you want to manage capacity… “what do I need to do today? According to calendar/diary, nothing as Sub Tasks don’t show!!!”… Getting these tasks to sync to Outlook would be super, super helpful so that we can all see what our capacity is each day… why hasn’t this been sorted yet?

The reason is unclear, probably a mix of technical challenge + the fact that half the users don’t really want what you want, making it even harder to fix properly.
For now we at my company multi-home subtasks into the project itself (through automation) and we are able to see subtasks on the calendar.

Thanks Bastien… I’ve figured out creating a new section called SubTasks and then manually adding in the project. You mentioned Automation, what do you use for this?

Custom code. We have a server running all day every day for us our our clients. Feel free to reach out if you are interested :slight_smile:

Out of all these comments and voiced necessities… There is still no reasonable work around to those that prefer a calendar view VS those that prefer a list view with the sub tasks being on the calendar?

When I Tab + P i already have it assigned to a project and it does not show on the calendar at hand…

That’s really surprising. The subtask is also part of the project, has a due date, and does not show up on the calendar?