Sub Task Due Dates in Calendar and List?

Here is how I use Asana and now have run into a problem: I create Sections on my List View that are print ad companies. I then make my Tasks which are each print ad. In the Task are Sub-Tasks: ‘Create’ & ‘Submit’. Both of those have separate due-dates. The main task does not have a due date, because I rely on the sub task due dates. When I try to sort my list by due date none of my sub tasks show up. My calendar does not show my sub-task due dates either. How can I see when anything is due? Does Asana really expect me to make individual tasks for creating an ad and submitting an ad? Sub-tasks are then pointless? This is hindering my work flow. Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi @Hollie_Goss, yes this is an unfortunate limitation of Asana right now and I can see a lot of people are asking the same thing. For now, one workaround is to add the subtask back to the main project. By doing this, the subtask will show on the calendar. Sorry, I don’t have a better solution.

Alternatively, you could use a section for each print ad (with no due date) and the subtasks become normal tasks. You could then use a tag to display the print ad company.,

Hope this helps!

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Hitting the same wall.


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, that is more clutter and work for us regardless of which method we use.

Hi @Hollie_Goss & @Jen_Manning; Michael from Asana here.

@paulminors is right on the money here. At the moment due to the way our data model is structured, you need to manually add the Project to your subtasks. You can do so in bulk (by multi-selecting the subtasks in the parent task, and using theTab+P hotkeys, then the Tab button to add them to the Project they should be a part of. Once you’ve added them to do the Project, adding a due date will ensure that they show up in calendar view.

Wish we had a better answer to this (know we’re working on it!), though this workaround will have your Subtasks acting as you want them to.

Hope this helps!


@Michael_A I didn’t realise the Tab + P shortcut worked on subtasks when you bulk select. I tried this but couldn’t get it to work…


Hi, This is killing us too - 60 users in our org with this as a major blocker for proper implementation.

any update?


I also miss this feature! Any news at this point? (More than a year has passed since your reply here, so fingers crossed! :slight_smile: )

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PLEASE can someone from Asana acknowledge all these comments/queries. This issue has been around for 2 years and still nothing has been done to fix what seems to be the most complained about issue of Asana!


@justin.christie, @Mette, @Jake_Smith: As to my knowledge this is possible by adding the sub tasks back to the project as @Michael_A pointed out.

If you prefer to automatically add sub tasks to the main project, please DM me.

Hope this helps,


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Is there a trick to getting the tab+P hot key to work on bulk subtasks? My attempt at a workaround to subtasks not showing up on the calendar is to associate them with a separate list style project that is represented by the upper level task in the board project that tracks all orders through to completion. So I have one board project that tracks orders as they progress through to completion. Each of these orders has subtasks that are then associated with a list style project. Downside is I have to manually go into each subtask and associate it with the list style project one by one. Any shortcuts? Thanks!

@Keith_Rogers, If you have a paid plan and thus can use Advanced Search, then if you can find the subtasks in search results, you’ll be able to multi-select them there and add a project in one command.

Hope that helps,


Hello, we are integrating Asana now and the ability to make sub-tasks appear on the calendar is really going to be a deal breaker. There is no manageable way for us to add everything as its own task within a project, our board would be unusable.

This seems like a must have - is there any update on being able to see your sub-tasks in the calendar?

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Like a lot of others here, I was also excited by Asana’s easy to use interface. However, not having sub-tasks is a deal breaker, so I’m going to keep looking for a PM System. Sad that they heard this request years ago and haven’t actioned it. It’s not a huge ask either.

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to mention an option that may suite for at least some of you.
If you assign the subtask to a person (even you) the subtask will appear in that person’s My tasks pages calendar view, so the assignee can see it scheduled, even if it’s not showing up in the projects calendar view. This way the subtasks stay at their original place.

I know it’s not a complete solution for the problem, but might help in some cases, and I hope this helps for some people.


Hitting the same wall with my team. Assinged sub-tasks with due dates don’t show in the main calendar and thus make sub-tasks a little obsolete when attempting to schedule projects. :upside_down_face:


Also struggling with this lack of functionality. Can subtasks please show up on the calendar view?!!!

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This would be a very useful feature, we’re stuck as well. We need tasks and subtasks to show up in the calendar for everyone.

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To have subtasks show up on the “My Tasks” calendar and/or list view you need to assign the task to yourself (which by default it doesn’t do even if you’re the only user on your team).

If you want subtasks to show up on a project calendar you need to make sure the subtask is associated to the project as well.

And while this might seem obvious, if you want a project subtask to appear in your “My Tasks” list view it needs to be assigned to your user. Even if it’s not associated with the project, if it’s assigned to you it will still show up in “My Tasks”.

Any update on adding subtasks to the calendar? This is necessary for the workflow of my business. This post was from two years ago. Is there any update or timeline on this request? Please let me know as this feature would be extremely useful to my company. Only being able to view the due date of a project isn’t very helpful if I can’t also see the subtasks that I scheduled in order to stay on track to accomplish that task.