Subtasks converting to tasks when due

Hi everyone,

I’m a new Asana user so apologies if this is simple or has been asked multiple times (I’ve already searched and can’t find my answer).

I have a number of tasks across different projects/sections with subtasks. All the subtasks have due dates and assignees. When it’s the subtask due date, subtasks assigned to me all appear as their own task and in the first section of my project board.

How can I stop this from happening? I’m working mainly from My Tasks but when I click into each project there is a heap of subtasks sitting there as tasks.

I’ve checked and I don’t have any active rules. I’ve also looked at settings and can’t seem to find something to switch this off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi @Chelsea_Spresser

This is the functionality. All tasks assigned to you, parent or sub, will show up in your My Tasks. This will be regardless of a due date being set.

What is your desired outcome here? Do you have a screenshot? If a parent task is assigned to you and you click into it, you will see that task, all its information, and all the subtasks regardless if they are assigned to others.

From your Inbox, My Tasks, Search, or the Project itself, opening a task will reveal all the information about that task.

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