Tasks and Subtasks--

Why are subtasks automatically becoming tasks? And how can I prevent that so that subtasks remain under the parent task

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Did you add the subtasks to the project also? Even if so they should still show up as subtasks under the parent task. How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Can you share a screenshot so I can better understand how it shows at your end? (Blur confidential info)

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The main task is Eagle HR, I want all the other subtasks not to show as tasks in board 1

Ah okay I see. So since all tasks are assigned to you they will show like this in My Tasks

My Tasks is a list of all tasks that are assigned to you: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

If you would set up a separate project in your workspace, for example for HR and you add all tasks there then only the main task will show in the board view of the HR project.
However if the subtasks are assigned to you they would still show like this in your my task list.
You could create a special section there to move the subtasks to if you want.

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