Are entries in 'My Tasks' different from tasks created within Project(s)?

Hello! I’m fairly new to Asana. I’ve been using the free account from my browser for managing my own tasks from work. So for background info I’m an architect and I’m assigned to multiple projects within a year’s schedule, so I try to break that down with Asana to better manage my time and daily tasks.

I’m using 1 Project board as a mother-project for all the projects within the year. So if you can imagine in board view; I’ll just have 10 tasks (meaning 10 projects) and subtasks for all the itty bitty details within those tasks. What I’ve noticed is that the subtasks I’ve created doesn’t show up on ‘My Priorities’ nor ‘My Tasks’? I’ve tried creating 2 example projects with tasks with tight deadlines and it still won’t show up on neither tabs. It’s kind of redundant to type in my tasks to both ‘Projects’ AND ‘My Tasks’ since that’s I’m using Asana for so is there a feature I’m missing or is that not within my free account benefits?


Subtasks will only appear in My Tasks if they are assigned to you. If you are only assigned on the parent task (the project in your case) those subtasks are considered unassigned?

Does that help?

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