Subtasks, Notifications and Calendar/Timeline View

I am fairly new to Asana. We’re using it to track progress of overall projects and success of the project by hitting milestones. So, we have set up a project as a task, and then subtasks for each of our six milestones - and each milestone has its own deadline. When I look at a timeline or calendar view, though, all I can see is the final project due date and not any of the subtask due dates. Is there a way to view the subtask due date, either on the dashboard or in calendar/timeline view?? Seems there should be a way, but I’m not seeing it.

Also, will assignees receive any sort of notification when the deadline of the task and subtasks is approaching (or overdue)?


Subtasks do not show in timeline or calendar view. @Bastien_Siebman wrote this, explaining some workarounds for this feature request.

To your second question, yes, subtasks show in “My Tasks” just like a regular task does, so assignee will receive notification the task is due if it is assigned to them.