Subtasks in Calendar view

Having the option to view subtasks on at least the Calander View would be extremely helpful.

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Subtasks do not automatically inherit parent task info that is why they will not show up on your calendar, unless you manually add them to the project.

Since there is an existing feedback request regarding this topic already I went ahead and merged your post into that one. Don‘t forget to upvote :slight_smile:

The lack of subtasks in the calendar view is beyond frustrating for planning task management and workload. Having played with assigning the subtask to the project, I agree that it can make all of the other views (list, board, etc) a mess. But there must be a way to add a filter where we can toggle viewing subtasks on and off? Then both camps would be satisfied and the functionality would align with some of your competitors.

We aren’t asking for the moon and the stars, just logical functioning of the product. Please consider adding this soon. Thank you!


Those choices are actually logical for some people. Not everyone wants all subtasks to show on a calendar. That makes the Product design choice on Asana’s side really hard :sweat_smile:

Hoping we can build this into Asana as an option, would be great if sub-tasks could appearing in a projects calendar view when assigned to a person and have a date. would be a massive help longterm when our teams communicate our program to various stakeholders or have it live as a permanent feature if a subtask has an assignee and a due date.

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I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread. Don‘t forget to upvote :slight_smile:

Is there any updates for this feature request? Not seeing subtasks in the calendar view is really hindering our process.

If there can be an option to turn on this functionality for those of us that want it that would be ideal. Please provide an update.

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Hey @Ninaa_Persad-Mohamme, no further update at this stage. Asana does not share a public roadmap so cannot tell if and when this will be implemented.

Hi, Rebecca - any update on adding subtasks to the calendar?

We haven’t heard of anything regarding this topic.


I know this has been mentioned before, but adding subtasks to views such as calendars or Workflow is so helpful in presentations.

Reason being, I’m currently creating individual marketing plans for a few of our products and stakeholders are having difficulty imagining what the steps in each task looks like. Creating individual tasks for every single step is time consuming and doesn’t help tie into a certain task for a specific project.

Being able to visually present it would be a huge help in presentations but also to keep my colleagues on track for completing a whole task, as well as being able to supervise their progress.

Are there any plans to add this to future updates?

I would like to add a vote for being able to see sub-tasks in all views without having to go through an onerous and time-consuming workaround.

  1. automatically add sub-tasks to the same Project as the parent task
    (I’m not sure what the reasoning for this NOT happening is - why would a sub-task NOT be in the same project as its parent?)

  2. add a Filter option to all views to show: All task types | Parent tasks only | Sub-tasks only

This would really improve the usefulness of all the views, in particular the Calendar and Timelines views.

Thanks and fingers crossed!

My own understanding and assumption: a subtask is a subset of a parent task, it doesn’t require the project context and shouldn’t “disturb” everyone else by showing up like a regular task…

Hi Asana members. Is there a workaround here or solution yet on allowing subtask deadlines to appear in the calendar view? I too am running into this issue.

@Lupe_Alfonso the only solution is to multi-home subtasks into the projects OR to run an advanced search including subtasks and access the calendar view.

Would you mind sharing with me how to run an advanced search including subtasks and access the calendar view? And explaining what multi-home subtasks into the projects means?

Sure. Click on the search field > Advanced search > select your project. The search will include subtasks. Then click on View > Calendar.

When you open a subtask, you can go in the “…” menu, Add to another project, and select the project itself. The subtask will then become a task as well, and will appear on the calendar. When doing this trick, we usually move subtasks into a section at the bottom of the project.

Let me know if this helps!

If it’s a feature we should be able to turn it on and off, like with a little toggle. If there’s a lot of people who want it but it’s not possible or only with a big workaround, it’s a [regrettable] product choice.

175 upvotes out of millions of users is not “a lot of people” but I do agree, as one of the most voted feature, it should be strongly looked at!

Adding a toggle is as harmless as it seems: it makes the tool more complex which has a lot of implications.

Millions of users are not going to use this forum. They will simply move on to a competitor tool. I myself have been very frustrated with a lot of things Asana cannot doe, yet I am not giving feedback about all of it here so you should not underestimate 175 votes in a forum. That is a lot of votes. It is a very important need and the fact Asana does not understand that is an issue in itself to be honest.