Subtasks not showing on calendar

I’m new to Asana and trying to get the subtasks to show on the calendar view. All that shows are the main tasks so far. Is there a way to do that?

Welcome, @Denise_Pinson,

This is expected behavior (for better or worse). You can vote for a change here:

You can workaround this by promoting subtasks to be top-level tasks instead (though that’s probably not what you wanted).

Another approach is to use the task detail “…” overflow menu Add to project… to also make the subtask into a top-level task while still being a subtask; that will make it appear on the calendar. You can further make a “Hidden Subtasks” section at the bottom of the project, collapse it, and move this task in there to “hide” it. It will still be in the calendar.

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We are hoping things would change in the future, possibly with a box “show subtasks” but for now →