Subtasks - with due date and assignee - not showing in calendar

Hi I have task cards that are assigned to an individual. These task cards contain ONE subtask that has a recurring due date and is assigned to that same individual. (Basically I want the recurring task to recreate within a card, not creating a new card each time. I’ve tested this and have the Loom videos to prove it worked.)
These subtasks are showing as items on the List view, but with NO due date showing.
They are NOT showing on the Calendar view at all.
I have Loom videos from two weeks ago where I was showing “this task card assigned to Amanda, has a subtask assigned to Amanda that is due the 2nd of every month” and I would see the subtask with due date on the List view, PLUS see it appear as a white card on the Calendar showing the due date and who it was assigned to.
Now that I’m creating more project boards like this it is not behaving the same way, and the assigned subtasks with due dates are not showing under List or Calendar.
Help!!! Thank you!

Welcome to the Community Forum @Amanda_Pruden!

Sorry for the trouble with the subtasks. You are correct, as subtasks do not inherit the Project from the parent task , the only way for them to show in your project Calendar view, for now, is by manually adding them to a Project.

This is a very popular request in the Forum and generally speaking among our users; we’re fully aware this is something we need to improve and while I don’t have an update to share at the moment, this is definitely on our radar. I recommend you upvote for similar features in these threads:

I hope this helps!

@Emily_Roman Hi as I mentioned I have a Loom video where you can see that my subtasks were NOT added a Project and they were showing on the calendar. How has it worked before, and now that I am creating mass projects using this method that I tested and worked, can I not do it?
Also, can a subtask be added to a project with a recurrence, and successfully create the new subtask that is still associated with the project and will continue to create the next recurrence?
I can privately send you my Loom video, if you want.

@Emily_Roman Hi just waiting to hear back from you. I just double-checked Asana, again, and the results I had a couple weeks ago are still showing where subtasks with due dates, and NOT manually added to a project, are showing in Calendar view. But any recent subtasks I’m assigning dates to are not showing on the calendar. Trying to figure out why I am getting mixed results, if Asana says it isn’t possible. Thank you!

Hi @Amanda_Pruden, thanks for confirming this information and sorry for the late follow-up here!

Of course, please feel free to send me the video by DM! To send me a DM, simply click on my name and select “Message” :slight_smile:

The option to automatically associate the subtasks to the project and see them in Calendar view is not available, we have two existing product feedback requests about this topic:

The only option is when a subtask with a due date is assigned to you. Then, you’ll see the subtask in the Calendar view of your My Tasks section even if it’s not part of a project.

Looking forward to your reply!

We are having the same problem and I see Asana still has no solution for it (7 months later) because they don’t want to imo. That’s why this discission has no follow-up. The fact that you had it working earlier is just because (I assume) they moved this feature to a paying subscription/plan to make you pay of course.
This problem is indeed very ennoying because we also need this possibility to see due subtasks in our agenda, but Asana doesn’t let you do it still. I enjoy Asana (a lot), it’s a great tool but when it comes to fixing or adding things it’s just like any other big industry player, they barely listen to their customers. All the time I see software developers putting stuff on the roadmap but after a reasonable period most has been not been checked from the list. Asana asked me several times if I wanted to be contacted for feedback and input, untill today… no contact. Pitty.

They will prove their logic on this matter just to avoid working on a fix (out of laziness??) but when many people THINK OTHERWISE AND HAVE THEIR OWN OTHER LOGIC I think it’s quite clear Asana is pushing their viewpoint instead of actually delivering a product which makes the customer happy and make them work more efficiently. See this thread and again, no follow-up: Why subtasks don't appear in your Project Calendar

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