Managing Bookmarks in the Asana Forum

You are a new user to Asana. You have questions. You come to the Forum to ask a general question or seek some guidance. While you wait, you start to look around. You soon realize the wealth of knowledge and support at your disposal. You decide you should spend some time in this space to help gather the tools necessary to become an expert like Bastien the Great.

While the Forum can’t make you as good looking as Julien, it can be a great reference. One problem… there is almost too much traffic to keep up with (this is a great problem to have btw) What to do? Well… in this post I’ll make a simple suggestion of how you can manage things throughout the Forum that you might want to save for a later time. Let’s look at Bookmarks.

Bookmarks can be accessed from the header menu when you click on your profile icon in the top right of the window. You can also access Bookmarks specific to a category after navigating to the desired category. That’s great and all, but… how do you differentiate your bookmarks if there are different purposes for why you chose to save each?

When adding a bookmark (or if you click on the “3 dots” to the right of each bookmark when viewing from your profile activity you can edit them) you will see the following options:

My tip would be to take advantage of the “What is this bookmark for” and reminder fields. A sample scheme for how to label reminders might be:

  1. Future Follow-up (typically next month)
  2. Plan to respond (typically later this week)
  3. Review and comment (typically next week)
  4. Saved Reference (never delete the bookmark)

You can obviously call them whatever you want and set different types of reminders for each, but with a fallback system in place it might help you manage all the great information that flows throughout the forum. I do this because there are certainly things I want to bookmark forever like 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds. While there are also ones that I might not have time to respond to on the spot and I want to dedicate more time to review and comment like Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects - #83 by Phil_Seeman. Once you have a system in place, you could even use the browser search to “filter” to the type you have time to address when reviewing them. :wink:

Being fans of Asana we like structure. Why not add a little structure to how to contribute and engage in the Forum? You’re probably saying to yourself, “Get with the program! We all do this, duh!” If not, hopefully this very simple tip relieves a little stress for Forum Leaders and general contributors alike!


I had no idea that existed! I use asana for this!
Thanks for the mentions :kissing_heart:


Excellent tip! :star: I usually bookmark threads with answers to common questions so I can quickly link them in new threads when someone asks the same question :slight_smile:


I didn’t even think about the use case for you and @Marie. That’s smart. While this doesn’t fully prove you a human, it at least helps me understand where some of your super powers come from! :wink:


OMG thanks @LEGGO, this is awesome!

YES! Due to this problem, while I bookmark posts, I almost never then do anything with my bookmarks for this exact reason.

I also totally missed this field in bookmarks! This changes everything and will make them actually useful!

Also, I just discovered another feature: if you click the gear next to the “What is this bookmark for?”, it opens this “Automatically Delete” feature:


I’m thinking the “After I reply to this topic” option could be really useful for those “I need to reply to this post but I don’t have time right now” temporary-bookmark situations.

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@Phil_Seeman that’s exactly my thinking on how the reminders could help manage the library of bookmarks (what you want to be permanent vs temporary) :raised_hands:


What? Who knew!

Emily can you share them here?!

Of course! I’ll get all the links and share them here :slight_smile:


Now you all know our secret to manage follow-ups in the forum and quickly link useful answers we read in the past! :blush: Thank you so much for taking the time to draft this post @LEGGO, you did an incredible job :sparkles:


Hi all! As promised here is the list of threads I have saved in my bookmarks:

I always update my list so I don’t end up with a long list of the threads that are visible and handy anymore!


Question: @Emily_Roman did you bookmark the 2nd to last bullet because it is a good example of an Ambassador behaving like a newb (rookie)?

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One of my recent bookmarks :sweat_smile: Honestly I find that confusing sometimes as well and I like Larry’s rule for the Later section so why not adding it to the list!


Now I guess I have to bookmark this post about bookmarks!


@Emily_Roman I never shy away from an opportunity to make fun of myself! Hehe.

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Good morning! I am a newbie to the forum, so please bear with me. I was trying to bookmark this “bookmark” discussion after learning that I could do so. I clicked on the profile photo, selected the bookmark icon and all that keeps happening is that it brings me to a list of items that I have already bookmarked (which is an item that I must have bookmarked while completing the tutorial).
I can’t seem to make a new bookmark or I’m just being totally obtuse here. Thank you for any guidance.

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You need to click on the “Bookmark” button at the bottom of the thread I believe!

We are very happy to have you here :hugs:


@Gail_Karp here is a screenshot of where a bookmark lives. If there is a particular post within a thread, that’s what you’ll bookmark! :wink:

If the bookmark symbol doesn’t show at first, click the ellipsis (circled red in the image above)


brilliant thread @LEGGO ! cannot believe I missed it… :clap::clap::clap:

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