Adding Notes capabilities into Asana


I think a really cool feature, and potential a way to start competing with some other apps beyond “to-do” list apps, would be to add a notes section / feature into Asana. I know there already exists the Comments feature on specific tasks and Conversations feature under projects, but I am thinking of a fully blown out Note-taking capability (akin to Evernote) that can be captured and saved in Asana.

Example use case: I sit in a lot of meetings, and I capture notes often in another program (Google Doc, Evernote, etc.). Later, I have to come through these notes, and manually add these into Asana. However, if Asana had a module that allowed for long-form note taking, these notes could exist under the appropriate projects / teams without having to go to another program.

Having Notes in the same program by itself would be convenient, but not altogether life-changing. However, once that base is built, you can really gain productivity efficiencies if this Notes section also had functionality, such as the ability to highlight a line or sentence in the notes and quick add a task under that same project the notes were about. The task could also have a link tying it back to the notes for others on the team to reference, if they are assigned the task coming out of the notes from a given meeting.

There are probably dozens of other unique functionalities that you could add into a more robust Notes tool / section, if it existed.

To reiterate, I know Comments on tasks exist, and I know Conversations within projects are possible, but I imagine a Notes section (that might sit next to the features like Timeline, Conversations, etc.) with more robust capabilities unique to capturing long-form notes from meetings or brainstorms.


I use Google Docs and I add a link in task descriptions or project descriptions as needed.
The link is in context of the task or project and takes you directly to your relevant document.


This is essential for info relevant to a project not just a single task, so the comments is useless. Sometimes we need to access info for a whole project, and not having anywhere to put it is an extreme inconvenience. It just needs to be another tab in each project.


I love the idea of having a separate section for notes in Asana. I’m looking for a project management software that I can use mostly on a professional basis, but a notepad feature would be excellent to keep track of personal productivity items. It’s kind of difficult to keep track of this information right now inside of Asana without an inconvenient workaround.

Jira and ClickUp both have a good handle on this feature in my opinion. They allow you to organize notes in a separate section. I particularly like ClickUp’s option because it incorporates checklists/ some rich editing options.

If Asana could incorporate something like this, that would be a game changer :+1:


For notes I made a “Reference” project, where I create a task for each note, putting the contents of the note in the description.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to format your text:

Action Mac Windows
Bold ⌘B Ctrl-B
Underline ⌘U Ctrl-U
Italics ⌘I Ctrl-I
Monospace ⌘⇧M Ctrl-Shift-M
• Bulleted Lists ⌘⇧8 Ctrl-Shift-8
1. Numbered Lists ⌘⇧7 Ctrl-Shift-7
Indent your list ⌘] Ctrl-]
Outdent your list ⌘[ Ctrl-[

Use Sections to categorize notes.

(Optional) Use multi-homing to add notes (tasks) to multiple projects:

Let me know if that helps!

-Nathan Rightnour


I think this is crucial. We want to use asana to store all information about a project. That includes notes from brainstorming, meetings, external meetings, or just some initial thoughts / briefing.

All of this doesn’t fit in Comments or conversations. We need a proper notes section.

Everything else is just a workaround…