Company Wiki

We badly need to get rid of any application and have all the company information within asana.
The biggest thing we miss is a wiki portal to document things across all teams, a proper documentation view and only editable by the organizers.

You can have comment-only projects and use tasks to share content. Or you can export each project using a tool like Asana2Go…

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You can use a board project to make a wiki.
For instance it could be something like this:

And when you open a task, you get detailed information.
We have created such a wiki in my company and it is very useful. In the tasks, we filled in the format of the logins, the format of the password and all additional information necessary to book a hotel, a car, … We also have a column containing useful links for all the employees (training, directory, …).

The project is visible to everyone but read only.


Hi Julien,

I see your point. That would be a way to do it, but not precisely ideal in my opinion. Mayne it is just a matter of displaying the tasks as a document, not as a task, with images in between, markdown, headers, etc.
more like this approach? like an hybrid between Google Docs inside asana. How lovely would be that?

Also thinking of set a task as a “document” like we can do now with milestones…

It existed, it was called three-dots and was created by me =) I generated a basic website based on an Asana project, exactly what you described. But there was not enough demand, the project was discontinued. I am happy to discuss about reviving it!


do you mean that an article-like task existed in asana?
How wonderful would have this functionality?
I could play around with some wireframes for this?


It was a third-party app. Love your wireframe :slight_smile:

thanks! do you think that something like this is in the mind of the Asana team? can someone confirm this?

We have several like this in our business for our employees to reference. Works well.

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This is a great way of representing a Wiki in Asana @Julien_RENAUD will definitely keep this in mind for a couple of upcoming things I have in the works…


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Hi @Jesus_Garcia_Gonzale;

I love this idea! As far as I’m aware this is not in our near term plan, but this is definitely something we could consider for a future update! The best workaround in the meantime is probably the one described by @Julien_RENAUD with a Board Project! I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have more information!

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Thank you @Marie for answering, it is really nice to see how the team involves with the community. I will try to add my 2cents with some mockups


Bumping this because it’s the one thing stopping Asana from being perfect!


Has anyone any experience working with asana integrated; for this purpose?

We are also in need of somewhere to keep our manuals etc.