Create knowledgebase for all team in ASANA

I want to know is there any knowledge base feature in ASANA?

For example, creating some how-to documents for newcomers, creating common information about projects, etc.

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We usually achieve this by creating a dedicated project and store the data inside tasks. Would that solve your problem?

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Unfortunately, it is not what actually we want. We want additional section, where we can keep our documentations for the projects. This may help team members to get some knowledge about the tasks and terms in task.

Thank you for your answer.

You mean that you don’t want to use a task, wherever it is, but rather have a new “feature”?

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Would you consider using the project description?

@Elvin2, Asana is not a document management tool. It’s a task and project management tool.

For associated project documents and procedures, I would recommend creating and saving those in your organizations document management tool/repository and then providing links to them in the Asana Project and Task descriptions.

If you are already using Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive it’s even easier when using the Asana attachment feature.