Some Sort of Wiki Area within Each Project


There may be a good way to do this (other than creating a task for it), but it would be really helpful to have a page or section that was a sort of wiki containing basic information about the project. We have tried have a task for it, tried using the project description, and tried using conversations, but all are a bit clunky for this purpose.

It would include any information for the project that is generally helpful for the team: contact information for stakeholders, key project objectives, background information, etc.


For project reference material, I include a “Reference” section at the top of the project. It includes a task for project information. The task links out to a Google doc that includes the type of information needed for that project.

You mention that you’ve created tasks for this and that it is a bit clunky. For you, what is the clunky part? I’m wondering if I may be missing out on something by not having a project page IN Asana.


Thanks, Angie. That’s helpful. The clunky part for me is having a task that isn’t a task. It makes it feel like something is undone.

But your idea about a Google Doc might work. I would probably put it in the project description so it doesn’t feel like a task, but that could do the trick. I just need something everyone can access and update along the way.


I guess the downside of a Google Doc is the extra step of going to one, creating it, and linking it. It would still be nice to have somewhere where one could put project notes, wiki, etc., without having to create a file to attach.


Yes, the Google Doc works well for us. I have a change tracking chart at the top so folks can see if info has changed since their last visit.

I don’t care for the project description because it is not always visible.

See screenshot for the top of the project template I’m using.


Very helpful. Thanks, Angie. I think I’ll give that a try.


Hi guys,

I’ve been fighting this absence of a wiki or a project scope space in Asana. It seems too strange for a project management tool not to have this pretty much essential function.

Have you come across anything helpful at all? Or is it really about linking out of the tool to a gdoc?

Thanks so much!


is there any plans from the asana team or ideas to implement this? thanks!