Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages

Hi there!

My name is Aaron Ebert and I am a Product Marketer here at Asana. I am thrilled to tell you about our three newest products officially launching on January 14th to all Asana users. These products are built to help teams align on a shared vision, at any point in time, so that they can achieve more together. Get your teams on the same page with a one-stop shop for your projects and contextual conversations. Check out the features below:

Project Overview - Set the stage for work. And stay aligned. Give your team a one-stop-shop to find key resources, updates, and more. Things to know:

  • Project Overview is the first tab in every Asana project.
  • Create project roles inside a project, so teams know where responsibility lies.
  • Attach key files and documents so teams can easily access the most up-to-date information.

Project Brief - Write briefs in Asana. Use this text editor to outline the scope of work, backstory, and other important details. Things to know:

  • Project Brief lives within the new Project Overview tab and allows you to attach any supporting document.
  • Embed files from 7 partner technologies: Figma, Miro, Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia, Whimsical, and Loom
  • Stylize your documents with headers, rich media, or by linking to other work inside of Asana.

Messages - Communicate effectively at any level (individual, project, team, or any combination), directly where the work is happening. Things to know:

  • Messages is taking over the “Conversations” tab in every project.
  • Messages do not have a due date or assignee.
  • While Conversations allowed you to update members of a specific project, Messages are more flexible as you can send them to multiple projects, people, or any combination.
  • Messages can be started from Inbox, from the Messages tab in a project, from the omni button (+), or from hovering over a user’s name.
  • Messages can be viewed in your inbox, in the Messages tab of a project, or in the left-hand side bar under reports (Messages I’ve Sent, Messages I’ve Received).

Stay tuned for more information on how these features can help your team gain clarity and context in the new year coming Jan 14th.

Looking forward to your feedback and questions!


Honestly this is a very impressive update. I’ve given this feedback on a few calls and you guys have nailed it!

Love the central place and all the nuances you guys have brought to the overview tab. Much functionality and centralization. Keeping everything in one place, the activity tab, stats, key resources, it’s so helpful for my team to have a place to resort to to have clarity and even let resources to get work done. I’m still trying to figure out the messages part but the overview is amazing.


Do we know when these changes might appear on mobile devices?


Hi @Jerod_Hillard!

Project overview and Project brief are currently not available on mobile. You can create a new thread in our #mobile:androidios-feedback category if you wish to see this features implemented on mobile and I’ll make sure to update it once I have news!

Messages are available in the Asana app for iOS and Android! You can now create private messages from your Inbox as well as team and project messages!


These are great new features! I just tried creating a Key Resource Project Brief to test out the new functionality, but now I can’t figure out how to delete it now. Any suggestions?


This is a great improvement, and even better than the late lamented dashboard.

Would it be possible to make the “How we Collaborate” title, editable?

It’s a bit prescriptive, as we would like to use this field for different purposes.


Thanks @Emily_Roman! I added a new thread: Project overview and Project brief availability on mobile

I can’t see Messages in the web or mobile just yet but excited for that rollout!


I added some additional feedback here as well: Further stylize Project Debrief


I’m having the same issue as well. I LOVE the update, but want to be able to delete when necessary. Thanks!

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I love the new Overview and Project Brief feature! Would love to see if a template could have preloaded roles that can be assigned once the project is created from the template, but the whole overview page is a game changer in how we are reviewing our projects! Thanks for all your hard work!


Thanks for your report @Crystal_Madrilejos and @pdmcdermott, as it stands, it’s currently not possible to remove a project brief. You can edit it clicking the three dot icon. I’ll share your feedback with our team as well but I also recommend you creating a request in our #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote!

@David_Ruder his is our first shot at Project Overview and based on your feedback we will work on some iterations over the next couple of months, so thanks for sharing your experience with us!


This recommendation is an enhancement to what has been made possible with Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages

I love the free form nature of the Project Brief. It would be cool to customize these even further. Some of the recommendations I have would be:

  • Change the image of the brief from the Overview tab
  • Change the color of Headers
  • Embed videos so they can be wrapped by text and centered or right-aligned!!!
  • Allow for two (or three) column bullet (or number) lists
  • Create tables within text body
  • Custom field mapping - I think it would be really cool if when hyperlinking a task you had the ability to show which custom fields were represented to the right of the task name link (for instance, if had a project that listed client contacts you should choose to show the contact’s position or organization to the right of their name dynamically as a custom field reference)
  • Hover capabilities for hyperlinked tasks (show custom fields and task details)

I’m interested to see how else others would look to customize their Project Brief

Thanks for your feedback, @Jerod_Hillard! We usually recommend one request per thread so people can vote for each specific feature they would like to see implemented. Since we have several requests in one thread, I’m merging your post with the announcement and I’ll share your feedback in my report to our product team. Stay tuned for the future updates, one thing we can promise is that you’ll be first to know in the Forum :slight_smile:


This is a great new feature!
Once you’ve added in members and their roles, is there a way for the project to appear on their calendars ? I’m really struggling with finding a way to have projects added to a member’s personal calendar. I work with creative teams and usually require 2 people working on one task, but you aren’t able to assign tasks to more than one person. I need a way to have an accurate view of each creative’s bandwidth / workload.


I love this update. This is so much more intuitive.


The ‘messages’ feature is just awesome! Finally there is no need anymore for a separate communication channel for private or less official messages (our projects are usually public). I like in particular how you integrated / combined all that smoothly with the discussion feature of projects.


I’m SO excited! Will “Messages” act like a chat (e.g. slack/teams) that occurs outside of a task? Any videos or screen shares you can share about this feature? If it is similar to a chat feature, the Asana gods have answered all my prayers!!!

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Came here because I’ve just discovered the messages feature in my inbox. The overview and project brief look brilliant too. Can’t wait to start using these features!

I guess we’ll find out as we go, but I’m really hoping the messages feature can rival Slack (or might down the path with further developments).

I am now seeing Messages as well @Emily_Roman and @AaronE but want to provide some feedback from my brief use of the updates. First off, LOVE IT! So much potential here. Hopefully the points below can be seen as constructive! Happy to answer questions or be corrected as I most certainly am overlooking a thing or two…

  1. It would be really nice to be able to differentiate between Messages that stem from a Team, Project or Individual/Group (Adhoc).
  2. I would also take this classification a bit further as I am seeing that Status Updates also appear as Messages. I could definitely see where I would want to differentiate those from general Messages - I’m unable to tell from the search results if a Message is a Status Updates or a Project Message (or converted Project Conversation)
  3. Status Updates can be offered at a Portfolio level or Project level and show as Messages also. Perhaps this presents another opportunity to differentiate from the search results list where currently only those at a Project level have this indication (until you click into the Message details)
  4. Will there be the ability to edit Messages as you can Comments? Will we at least be able to edit a Subject to a Message?
  5. If I refine the search results for Messages and include a filter for “No Projects” the results don’t change - Messages at the Project level still show.
  6. When you send a Message to a Team do they all get the notification? Where is that set like it is at the Project level?
  7. When you send a Status update for a Portfolio do all the teammates get the notification? Where is this notification setting set as well?
  8. When I view the “Messages I’ve Received” from the dropdown Search option the results show ones I also sent. It seems this is because the search criteria is when I am a Collaborator. In addition to having me as a Collaborator shouldn’t it also filter on Messages that are Commented on OR Created by “Not Me”? Not sure that a Message response is classified as a “comment” in this instance though… Basically I wouldn’t expect to see Messages that I have sent where nobody has responded
  9. Any reason there is only a shortcut to “Messages I’ve Sent” from my Inbox as I assume it would have been those I receive that I could click to at a minimum, no?
  10. If I am looking at Messages I’ve Sent or Received and remove the filtered condition I find that not all the Messages appear in the search results although I would expect to see all of those previously represented AND SOME. It is as if they get truncated. In this example I show 182 Messages with no filtered condition, just simply searching for Messages. Yet when I include a filter for me as a collaborator some appear that didn’t moments ago.