Project Brief API now available as a preview

Hello there!

A happy new year to all of you. My name is Mike Morearty and I am an Engineer here at Asana.

Back in August 2021, we communicated an update on the launch of the new rich text API, offering you a clearer timeline and guidance for you to prepare your applications for the new rich text formats coming to task descriptions.

We recognize that you may want a way to experiment with how the new rich text formats in task descriptions may behave. We now have a new API feature available in preview for Project Briefs that offers this experimentation capability to you. A project brief is a document that contains a short description of the key elements of a project and is used to provide a concise summary of the project for stakeholders and collaborators. Project briefs are the first text surface in Asana to support enhanced rich text formats, and behave similarly to how rich text formats in tasks will behave when launched later this year.

Please note that this API is in preview, and is expected to change. We are providing this API to allow all of you to experience how the new rich text formats will behave and provide us feedback. This API is to be used for development and testing only as an advance view into the upcoming rich text format experience in the task description. Do not use this API in production apps as it is for development and testing on a preview basis only, and may be discontinued after the release of rich text in the task description. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Thank you!


Thanks for the update.