Further stylize Project Brief

This recommendation is an enhancement to what has been made possible with Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages

I love the free form nature of the Project Brief. It would be cool to customize these even further. Some of the recommendations I have would be:

  • Change the image of the brief from the Overview tab
  • Change the color of Headers
  • Embed videos so they can be wrapped by text and centered or right-aligned!!!
  • Allow for two (or three) column bullet (or number) lists
  • Create tables within text body
  • Custom field mapping - I think it would be really cool if when hyperlinking a task you had the ability to show which custom fields were represented to the right of the task name link (for instance, if had a project that listed client contacts you should choose to show the contact’s position or organization to the right of their name dynamically as a custom field reference)
  • Hover capabilities for hyperlinked tasks (show custom fields and task details)

I’m interested to see how else others would look to customize their Project Brief

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