Asana Release Notes February 2021

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Please find below our release notes for the month of February:

  • Introducing Project Overview : The new Project Overview tab gives your team one central location to set context, create shared norms, and publish project status updates.
  • Project Brief : Within Project Overview, you can add a Project Brief – a multimedia document that serves as a detailed single source of truth about the what and why of the work.
  • Messages : Messages enable you to communicate within Asana with your colleagues and easily link to relevant work. You can send messages with any combination of individuals, teams, and projects. Messages replaces the former Conversations feature.
  • Nested Portfolios : Now you can add a Portfolio to a Portfolio, allowing you to monitor work across multiple levels of your team’s information hierarchy.
  • App Rules : Add app-related actions to your existing Rule triggers and actions (e.g. when a task is completed, send a message to a Slack channel). Find pre-set suggestions in the Rules Gallery or build your own. Get started with Rules
  • Goals Hierarchy : Expand and view up to 4 layers of Goals hierarchy from your organization or any team’s Goals page. Get started with Goals

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out it in the comments below :slight_smile:

Happy Friday!


Thanks for sharing the Asana Release Notes for February 2021!

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My two requests are:

  • Global Rules
  • Rule Names as Rules section doesn’t help all that much.



Loving these enhancements already! The Project Brief has proven to be especially useful and is another example of something I didn’t even know that I wanted but now that I have it I cant imagine not having it! Great work!


I really love the project overview (and brief, and nested portfolios!).

I would LOVE to see more options for App rules for Slack to make this feature useful for us, for example: Milestones and status updates to Slack Channels (I don’t want every task update in Slack, as this results in redundancy and clutter for us - but right now tasks are the only option).

I was sad to see that the workload feature did not work in nested portfolios - hope to see this one day!


Did this take away the ability to print photos? I tried printing a task last week and the photo didn’t show up, and it still doesn’t show up this week. It’s always been iffy whether the photo shows up to print but now it won’t show up at all.


Love these updates! Especially messages:)

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