Teams vs. Projects

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I’m a relatively new Asana user that’s recently switched over from Basecamp. One thing that I’m used to from Basecamp (but not seeing how to use in Asana), are the uses of Teams vs Projects. In Basecamp, You have “Teams” which would be broken up in Design, Marketing, IT, etc, as expected. But then “Projects” are their own thing, which various “Teams” can be a part of. This allows each “Team” to have their own space, but allows for “Projects” to be accessed and worked on across the company, instead of in silos.

It seems like in Asana, Projects have to exist within a team… which seems cumbersome for multiple teams to work collaboratively on the same project.

For example, we’re in the midst of a new Web Design project, and we’ll need the design team, development team, and account management team all working together. Where should this type of “Project” live? Do we need to create separate projects within each team, with only that department’s tasks (seems like that’s wrong)? Or is it supposed to go under one team, and just invite everyone to that project? If it’s the latter - then what’s the point of having “Teams” anyways?

Any insight helps!

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Hi @Ryan_Zanardi and thanks for reaching out! You’re completely right, in Asana one project can only be nested in one team. However here are ways to organise your projects to achieve a similar result:

The easiest way is to invite stakeholder from other team into the project they need access to. By adding them to one project, you’re only going to give them access to this project, not to any other project in the team (providing your projects in that team aren’t public).

Alternatively, you could multihome all tasks of your project, into another project that you nest in the other team. That’s not as straight forward as the option above, but it can help if you don’t want to invite stakeholders from other teams into your own team.

if you haven’t yet, I would also recommend to cast your vote in Possibility to share projects between teams.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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