Best practices for Form links for non ASANA users

Can anyone share their best practices on how they get non ASANA users to consistently use a Form link. Where do you “post” it so it will be easy for them to use every time you need them to? How and where do you suggest they save the link?

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I guess that depends who they are and what relationship you have with them. Bookmarking the forms seems like a good idea.

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What @Bastien_Siebman mentioned is key.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Forms links that need to be shared with external parties, but the intent of the Form would definitely dictate where it resides. Some suggestions might be: bookmark, newsletter, website, or an externally-shared link from internal file repository.

Forms that are used for internal purposes are often kept in our standard file system. Our tech stack consists of placing all files in Box so we tend to create Box Bookmarks for things such as Asana Forms. Wherever makes the most sense for the end user to locate this reference. Suggesting they bookmark elsewhere within their personal system of management is also encouraged, if they work outside Box.

For those internal users that are in Asana we also are looking to build a resources project that serves as a one-stop shop. I know this isn’t the audience you were asking about, but this could be a nice use case to keep track of where else items like form links are stored.

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