Forms for Non-Asana Users

One of the use cases that Forms really got me excited about was the ability for users not part of Asana to submit requests to an Asana project via a URL without being part of our Asana organization. I thought this would be very efficient for folks to submit items without necessarily “working on them” (ex. printer requests) that could then be handled by a legit Asana team.
This would eliminate training all users of a form in the Asana tool itself.
Are there any plans to allow form submissions from users outside of the Asana user infrastructure?

Hi @Mark_Nattress - actually you can do that now! Just click the “Copy Form Link” button in the upper right of the form-editor screen. That will put a URL in your clipboard that you can provide to anyone to make form submissions - submitting does not involve being inside of or logging into Asana.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman- You’re right, and this was my initial thought as well. i have just confirmed this by sending the form link to my gmail (outside of Asana). However, I did notice an issue when the form link was sent to an internal Asana User… They get the “not authorized to view project” page. So, for external users, forms work great- for “internal” users its best to just onboard them to your project instead of using a form I guess.

Hi @Mark_Nattress, this is a great question!

As @Phil_Seeman mentioned you can share the form with your teammates in Asana, as well as anyone who doesn’t have an Asana account, and they’ll be able to fill out the Form. Please ensure to share it by selecting the Share Form link button, because if you select the project URL in your web browser and they are not a member of the project, then they would receive the message “not authorized to view project”.

Please find more information about Forms in this article.

Please let us know if this is not the case for you and we can investigate further. I hope this helps!

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Of course you’re right @Emily_Roman… My second brain cramp in less than 2 days. When I received the message from a form recipient that they couldn’t access the project, I must have forwarded them the project link instead of the form link. All is well, and I’m now very happy with the form functionality. Thanks Community, for straightening me out!

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@Emily_Roman any reason that embedding the Asana form in an iframe to show it in another website simply doesn’t work?

I had a question along those lines:

I’m trying to have the people outside of Asana fill out forms, which worked great.

I was wondering if there was a way for them to receive an email so that they know that we received their form?

For example: I, as the Asana host, create a form where non-Asana users can submit requests (which is a form), we receive that request, and receive an email. But is there a way for them to know that we received it?