Help Using Forms with Non-Asana Users

I have a project built out to use forms for incoming internal requests to our team, in order for us to take ownership of each request that comes in via the task that gets created. The only issue I’m running into is how to easily let the form submitter (who doesn’t have Asana privileges in our organization) know that their request is complete. Is there a way to make it so that they get an email sent to them with their submission and a note saying the request has been completed once the task is marked as complete? I have searched through forums and guides to no avail.

I’ll also note that I do not have the privilege to add any 3rd party integrations we do not currently already have, but we do have access to Microsoft 365, if anyone has any ideas on how to integrate with any of those apps. We use Microsoft Outlook for email within the organization, so if we can integrate with that it would work also.

Hi @Angelica_V :wave:t3:

Yes! We’ve recently released two options that allow you to achieve that:

  • You can customize the message appearing on the screen once your customer filled up your form (see bullet point 4. in this article). Please now this feature is available to our Business + Enterprise customers only.

  • You can send an email confirmation to customers filling up your form to confirm you’ve received their request. To get this email sent out automatically, simply add an “email” field to your form and set this field as required.

Regarding your question about integration, I’d recommend checking out these guide articles:

Hope this helps! Have a great day Angelica!