Asana Form Submission email confirmation

Creating a simple form for project submission within our company. I have an entry for Name then another for Email. How can I a simple read receipt go back to the person who submits the request on the form?

I would have to agree! The Asana forms feature is great but it still feels very much in development.
I would love for users to be able get an email confirmation with the items they submitted.

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do you know if it is possible to write a special rule within outlook in order for it to grab the email address within the form submission and basically forward it back to the user? or maybe a microsoft flow script?

I’m not sure how to accomplish this, perhaps someone else would have a better idea.
Forms is still new but I would imagine at some point if Asana doesn’t add this, an automator like Zapier could do this?
If it could detect when a particular form was submitted it could then fire an e-mail off to the submitter based on the email field with the items they submitted.

Hi @Dirk_Myers and @Aaron_Barthle; and welcome to the Asana Forum :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us! Asana Forms are only a few weeks old and we will definitely work on improving them in the future, so thank you so much for taking the time to share this great feedback with us, it will be super useful!

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We need the ability to email the submission to not only the person who made it and who it’s assigned to, but it would be helpful to be able to send it to others as well.

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Yes, I agree. Our Marketing team is currently using Asana but the form submitters are not, so having an email confirmation with the form recap would be a great add on for Asana forms


I’m very surprised to see that nothing has been done with this. It seems like such an obvious feature. Asana is already very “noisy” with emails for users, I wonder why this simple feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

I really can’t believe a form receipt email isn’t an option. Forms were one of the major reasons we upgraded, but the functionality is flawed on many levels. I just want a task summary email to send out to non Asana users. The whole point was to replace email and PDF and now they have even less confidence their form submission was rec’d and understood. Apparently I have to use Google Forms to integrate, but for this one thing alone, I don’t think it’s worth it.

It would be very beneficial to make sure that when a user submits a form and creates a task, he or she gets a confirmation that the form was submitted and the summary of the submission. Similar to what you get when you submit a google form.

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Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us! There is an existing thread requesting the same functionality, so if you don’t mind, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post within the main thread to consolidate feedback.

I would suggest to add your vote to this main thread by clicking on the “Vote” button at the very top of it.

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Agree! We use also as a ticketing system for newsletter submissions and people love a confirmation email and to be reminded of what they submitted. Please implement!

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Has this happened since the original poster asked this question? It would be really helpful if an email copy of the form submission along with a standardized (customizable) message confirming the submission went to the person filling out the form. Is this in the works? If so, any sense of timing?

Many thanks!

nope. i dont know why this basic functionality is not included.

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I’m afraid I don’t have a proper timeline to share yet, but I will make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update internally.

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FYI, the ability to have an email confirmation automatically sent to a form submitter is now available in Flowsana, using its Forms Support capability. You can even customize the Subject and Body of the confirmation email!

I dont want to have to buy another service to be able to do this simple action. I want it integrated into the original service.

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PLEASE AND THANK YOU - A confirmation email sent back to the submitter. Ideally we’re hoping to use this as a very simple ticketing system to track the request with a unique number for the submitted request.