Option to automatically send email to form submitter on task completion

Hello. I’m sad to say I’ve been all over your forum, your support system and your guides, and there is not one answer or solution to our problem, despite finding multiple similar subjects on this matter. We incorporated Asana into our marketing department specifically because we wanted to use a “ticketing” system to manage requests from other departments. We were sold on the Forms solution. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any automated function that sends an email to the form submitter when the task is marked as complete. I can’t understand how this very basic communication isn’t automatically included. A confirmation of the submission is sent to the form submitter, so I would think that adding the functionality to send confirmation of the completed task would be ridiculously simple. Please advise if I’m just missing it, or if this is currently in development (seriously, I think it would take less than a day to code this). Appreciate the feedback. Thank you so much.


Hi @Carol_Miller2 and welcome to the forum,

(FYI I updated the title of your post to reflect your request so others can more easily know it.)

While an email is not sent automatically when a form-based task is completed, it can easily be automated with a rule, using a Gmail account:

In general, rules are the basic way that Asana provides for automating behaviors.

You also have the option of automating via a rule action in our Flowsana integration, which gives you some additional functionality.

We don’t use Flowsana or Gmail. We have Outlook. Again, the submitter receives an email when then submit the form, why can’t they receive one when the task is marked completed? I understand that this is a rule that can be set up – I just think it is so obvious and so common that it should be already coded into the form options. Please let me know how to set this up with Outlook, or please let me know if they are looking to add this functionality. I hate having to manually email people every time I complete a task – that is NOT helping my workflow, which is precisely why we started using Asana!!!

Thank you!

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I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to set it up using Outlook without using an external tool like Zapier; but if you’re going to do that then (in my not-so-humble and biased opinion :grin:) you may as well use Flowsana which is easier (and totally integrated if you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise).

Asana doesn’t publish a public roadmap so there’s no way of knowing what they’re planning for the future.

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I have a question about this. If we want to use a rule to automatically send an email using Gmail, how do we code it so it sends it to the form submitter? It seems like I would have to have a set person to send emails to when a task is completed?

Hi @Lynne_Chin and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you’re correct - Asana has some rule actions where it’s possible to use variables, but this rule action is not one of them.

One solution is to use our Flowsana integration - we have a Send email rule action which allows you to populate the name of the form submitter into a custom field (this can easily be done via another rule) and then send the email to the address in that custom field. This is what it would look like:

I connected my console to asana using the email integration and tasks open automatically in Asana.
Now I want the ticket submitter to receive an automated Email after creating a ticket saying something similar to: “hey, thanks for submitting a ticket, working on it.”

Welcome, @Tye,

This is not possible easily in native Asana though is easy with a third-party integration. It’s explained in this existing thread into which I’ve merged your post. Please read the several posts here to learn about the solution. Also, click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.