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Hello! We are using Asana in the marketing department at our company. We have started using forms, so that people in the organization can submit tasks they need assistance with (mainly people outside the marketing team, who are not using Asana).

Our issue is that people submit a task, but hear nothing back (except the initial “we received your request”). So we (marketing) need to remember to send an emails to people to keep them updated about the task.

Is there any way that we could have email updates automatically when the task is changed (comment added, progress changed etc.) to the person submitting the task? They fill in their email, so I would hope that it could be done…

Hi @Linda_Marie_S_Couche , welcome to the forum :wave:
Yes, you can achieve this; the trick is in the form’s settings where you can add the form submitter as a collaborator, as long as all these submitters are members of your Asana organisation (not Guests). As a collaborator, they will receive all the relevant notifications such as when it is complete, as well as be part of the conversation/comments thread.

By enabling this in the settings, it will also automatically fill out their name/email in the form to speed things up. Have a look at the relative Asana guide article here

Have a look at Flowsana. A lot of the things you ask van be accomplished with Flowsana.

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PS: sorry just noticed your submitters are outside your Marketing team, not using Asana. :roll_eyes:

Then yes, as @Herve_Buisset mentions could definitely serve your purpose to send off automated emails (with variables, such as include the submitters name) being triggered from changes to a single-select field eg: “Send email” used as an action dropdown in conjunction once a task is complete.

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Thanks @Herve_Buisset and @Richard_Sather!

@Linda_Marie_S_Couche as they said, our Flowsana integration’s “Send Email Notification” rule action should meet your needs. To expand a bit on Richard’s comment, you might want to have a “Status” dropdown field, and build a rule for each of the status values that sends an appropriate email to the form submitter. To send to the right person, you can use the “Send email to the value in a custom field” option where the custom field contains the email address that the submitter filled in.

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