Send an email when the task is over

Hi everyone !
Sorry if the question have already been asked - I didn’t find anything about it.

Heres my use case ; we get some feedback with Asana forms on a dedicated board. Everything goes where it needs to be, it’s awesome.
The main issue I have right now, is to communicate to people who add task from forms = they’re not part of the board, and we don’t want them to be, the problem is when we mark the task as finished, they’re not receiving any feedbacks. Of course, Asana doesn’t know who submit the form (even if we take the email, it’s just a field)

Would it be possible one day, from the form, to add a receiver on the task (without being part of the project) that can get email feedback when the task is over without adding it to the project ?

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Hi @Léo_Chambon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to send a notification to a user who is not part of Asana when a form submission is marked complete. We have a popular thread for the request to add the form submitter as collaborator, if you are interested, you can upvote here: Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms

@Phil_Seeman is this something Léo could achieve with Flowsana? :slight_smile:

That is quite easy to do with Zapier. The trigger would be task completed and the action would be to send an email to the value specified in a specific custom field. You need to map the email question to a custom field in the project. Feel free to ask for help to set it up!

Yes indeed! Flowsana’s Forms Support contains the option to “Add form’s submitter as a Collaborator”; you can use that in combination with a Flowsana rule of “When a task is completed, send a notification email to the task’s collaborators”.

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Thank you everyone for your respond !
I’m gonna try out both solutions !

Have a great day

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