Non asana users checking updates on forms

Hi Everyone -

I am creating a form for non-Asana users. Love that I can simply use the link and make the permissions allow me to do this. Great feature.

My questions is as follows…is there a way for the person who filled out and submitted the form (non Asana user) to get an update on the task? Meaning, an email alert when a comment is made, ect. Is this possible?


Asana has a feature to add a submitter as a collaborator, but it only works if the form is limited to Members.

Flowsana works the same way.

So your solution I believe is to turn to 3rd party apps, like Zapier, and “code” the ability to add the submitter on the task. Or you do it yourself, that’s what we do for our support form: we had the client as a collaborator before answering.

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Actually not. Flowsana will add the form submitter as a collaborator even on a public form. But it does require that the submitter is a member of the Asana organization.

I’m confused by this proposed solution: if the submitter is not an Asana user, you wouldn’t add them a a collaborator, right? Isn’t the solution here to create rules to send email notifications to the submitter when the relevant changes occur that they want the submitter to know about?

Sorry for the confusion I meant Flowsana was not either working with Guests.

I know we talked about it already but I don’t remember the conclusion: if you add a non Asana users as collaborator, doesn’t it invite them to Asana?

Oh right, we did conclude that it invited them in that case. (That test was a year or two ago; I assume it still does.)