Add a collaborator/collaborator to a task that has been submitted using a form

I am using the forms a lot, but have to manually add the person completing the form as a collaborator to the task once it has been submitted. Is there a way to automatically use the email address field on the form and make them a collaborator of the task that becomes created?


I’ve setup a Rule to add myself as the task assigne once a new task has been added to the project via a form submission. However, the Rule applies to any new task added to the project, whether it was created via a form or not.

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Hi @Lachlan and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Although it is possible to designate a default assignee for each form submission, as it stands, it is not possible to automatically add a user as a collaborator of the task created from a Form.

There is an existing thread regarding this topic in the Forum: Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms. I would suggest you to upvote it!

@Phil_Seeman: is it possible to achieve this with Flowsana?

Hope this helps @Lachlan!

Not currently, but it’s actually a great idea and would not be hard to implement, so I’m going to plan to add it to Flowsana’s Forms Support capability.


Hello! Was this functionality ever added? Our team is trying to do this as well.

FYI this capability, to automatically add a form submitter as a Collaborator, was added to Flowsana and is now available.

(It is not currently available in native Asana.)