Option to add Name and Email automatically by selecting the Asana user’s name

While we have external forms, many of our forms are from our own department. And they are all on Asana. So it would be nice if things like Name and Email could be filled out by selecting the Asana user’s name just like if you were assigning them. This just saves repetitive data entry.

If Asana adds the ability to add collaborators to the form’s created task, this should also be selected the same way.

And … If User that is submitting Form is logged into ASANA, then he/she should be added as a Follower.

We use forms to allow employees to submit tasks for the tech team, and manually add the submitter as a collaborator so they receive updates on progress via email, and are already in the loop when clarifying questions arise.

Given the logged-in employee is already known by the system, it would be more efficient if (a) they didn’t need to manually type out name/email for every submission, and (b) there was an ‘add me to collaborators’ checkbox.

Asana support have confirmed that it’s possible to “create a custom field with the name of all the people who’ll submit the Form and then trigger a rule that can automatically add that same user as Collaborator of the task.”

However the number of employees means that listing them individually (and keeping the list updated as part of the on/off-boarding tasks) will be impractical, so we’re seeking support for this feature to be prioritised.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration!