Automated assignment of collaborators in a private project

I’m working on creating a private project to track legal requests. I would like for someone to send in a request and have them automatically added as a collaborator so that they can interact with the legal team in the comments section of the task. Is there a way to automatically add the submitter of a form as a collaborator? If not, is there an alternate way for someone to create a task in a project but not be able to see any of the other tasks?

Hi @Allen_Carr and welcome on the Forum :wave:

Yes, that option exists, but only for forms that are configured for “Organization only” submitters (meaning existing users in your Asana environment).

If the submitters are not existing users in your organization, you might have to manually add them as collaborators of the tasks.

Thanks, that worked!

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Happy to help :wink:

or via the Forms Support workflow in our Flowsana integration, which allows you to set the collaborator for public forms (it’s smart enough to detect when the submitter is an Asana user even in a public form). :wink:

Ahhh I’ve learned something, thanks @Phil_Seeman :wink:

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